Dr Robert has been part of this Practice and the Ormeau community for nearly twenty years.
Companion Care operates a house call service to the Ormeau district offering consultations, vaccinations in the comfort of your own home.

We also offer further services such as routine surgery, dentistry, X rays, ultrasound and our emergency service at our Arundel surgery

We invite you to phone 0436 353 261 to discuss all your pet's requirements.


"Raising the standards of care for pets and their owners in Ormeau and the surrounding areas"

Services Provided

  • Consultations & Vaccinations
  • Desexing & Surgery
  • Dental & X-Ray
  • Ultrasound & X-Ray
  • Endoscopy, In-house laboratories
  • Laser Therapy (Class 4)

About Us

Managing our team here at Companion Care Ormeau is Dr Robert who has worked and lived on the Gold Coast for the past thirteen years. Robert has over twenty years experience in General Practice & Emergency Centres.


If your pet is involved in an emergency during our open hours (shown at bottom of page) please contact us immediately for first aid and advice. If an emergency occurs after hours, please phone the surgery on 0436 353 261 and you will be directed to the vet on call.


At Companion Care Veterinary Surgery Ormeau we pride ourselves on our friendly and personal service. Our purpose is to share our love and passion for animals through veterinary excellence. Our surgery has recently been renovated and updated to include facilities for treating the most serious of tick paralysis and snake bite cases. Our qualified staff endeavour to care for your pets as their own, providing a professional and modern healthcare facility.

We operate out of our Arundel Surgery at 190, Brisbane Road, Arundel and can provide all the facilities of a modern clinic.

Meet Our Team

Our Services

  • Grooming
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental Care
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Ultrasound
  • Surgery
  • Emergency Service

Grooming is a beneficial and necessary process for both you and your pet. The most obvious reason for grooming is that it helps your pet to not only look good but to feel good as well. But there’s more to grooming than just that…

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Many years ago, the lifespan of our canine and feline pets were significantly shorter. This is because disease and illness were easily contracted and widespread. But today we don’t have this issue…

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Dental and Oral hygienic care is very important to the overall health of your beloved pets. Pets will often instinctively hide their pain from mouth related illnesses, perceiving it as a weakness and they may even become irritable.

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At different ages, your pet will need different nutrients. For the optimal health of your pet, it is necessary that these needs are consistently met. This is why our staff are happy to assist you with making the best decisions regarding your pet’s diet with our nutritional advice services!

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Ultrasound is an important method of Diagnostic Imaging that helps us look inside your pet. This help will our veterinarians accurately identify a problem and create a more specific treatment plan.

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The thought of surgery can be very intimidating for pet owners. Our staff are dedicated to the well-being of your pet. We will provide a variety of high quality surgical services that you do not have to be concerned about…

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If your pet is involved in an emergency situation during open hours please contact us immediately for first aid and advice. If your emergency occurs after hours, as they often do, please phone the surgery on 0436 353 261 where you will be directed to the vet on call.

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What our clients say

I must admit to being extremely impressed by the level of equipment for a general veterinary practice (almost specialist level) and also the high level of practice performed. Dr. Robert has invested a great deal of time on further education(having achieved membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Surgery in Emergency Medicine) and also instructs other veterinarians on the usage of diagnostic ultrasound. I would recommend his services to any pet owners that are looking for a high standard of practice on the Gold Coast.

Dr. Geoff Brown


Bella had just finished her first round of laser therapy (5 sessions) and we have noticed a huge difference in her mobility and pain levels. She is moving a lot more freely and is able to run around a play more with her fur sister Shadow. I have even been able to cut back on her anti-inflammatory medications. To Dr Robert, Dr Jessica and all the wonderful nursing staff a big thank you for introducing this treatment option in your practice!

Helen K

Laser Therapy client

I absolutely love the team at Companion Care Veterinary Surgery Ormeau, not only are the prices reasonable but the care for the animals and the owners is evident each time you walk in. Thank you team for saving my cat Iggy’s life and now for removing some of the worst tooth decay I’ve seen ever on our poor pup! You are all brilliant!

Crystal S W

Brilliant bunch of people and a great team. Robert is amazing, very thorough and has done wonders for our furbabies. I’d recommend the Ormeau veterinary surgery to anyone. Karen is awesome, so compassionate and an asset to the team, we’ve been going there for 14 years and counting. Thank you.

Jasmin L

Happy client for over 14 years!

We have always received caring and professional treatment for our pets from Dr Robert Williams and staff at Companion Care Veterinary Surgery Ormeau and Arundel Veterinary Surgery and would recommend their services.

Don & Vicki B