Grooming is a beneficial and necessary process for both you and your pet. The most obvious reason for grooming is that it helps your pet to not only look good but to feel good as well. But there’s more to grooming than just that.

Bathing removes odours and dirt from your pet, keeping them and their skin clean and healthy. Brushing and trimming can help keep your pet’s coat stimulated and manageable. Both brushing and bathing lower the risk of parasites. Grooming also gets your pet used to being handled.

Grooming regularly is important because it keeps you aware of your pet’s body. It is a good idea to give your pet a once-over daily. Petting and briefly observing your pet’s entire body will take little time, but is an important habit to establish. Not only will this acquaint your dog or cat with you and being touched, but it will keep you more directly in tune with your pet’s body.

If there is a change, you will not miss it. And when or if anything does change, our veterinarians will know where to go from there, placing the health of your pet first.

We offer a variety of packages to keep your pet looking well treated, whether you just want a bath or a full groom.

Our grooming services include:

  • Bathing and Drying
  • Coat Brushing
  • Nail Trimming
  • Fur Trimming
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Ear Cleaning

These procedures are important for the well-being of your furry buddy. And while they may seem to be simple tasks, the results our groomers can achieve are the best. Our groomers know what tools and products to use and how to apply them for the best look, or how to look for the warning signs of issues inside your pet’s ears or on their coat.

By bathing your pet, we will remove dirt and oils accumulating on the skin, reducing the risk of matting and removing the added risk of attracting fleas or other bugs with specialised shampoos. Coat brushing does this as well, even lessening shedding by removing the hair that has already fallen out of your pet’s body. With fur trimming following to get rid of any excess matted fur, your pet will have a shiny new coat.

Teeth brushing should be done daily to prevent periodontal disease, and our veterinarians can suggest the best types of toothpaste and brush for your dog or cat, in addition to treats and food that will protect the oral and overall health of your pet.

Nail trimming and ear cleaning are difficult to do on your own. But long nails can become painful and even interfere with walking in cats and dogs. Unchecked ears hide infection.

Not trimming your pet’s nails will put your floors and furniture at risk of being snagged and scratched. Our veterinarians know how to soothe animals and cut their nails in a way that won’t cause any pain. The same goes for ear cleaning. We use safe products and will clean your pet’s ears in such a way to assure the future health of their hearing.

Our facilities are clean and well lit, and our groomers have the capability and knowledge to provide a gentle, rewarding experience for your pet.

If you have any questions about our grooming, or would like to make an appointment, you can contact us here or call us at (07) 5546 6205!